How to Play The Green Manalishi by Judas Priest

Are you ready for some fast and furious action on your electric guitar? Today’s video lesson will show you exactly how to play “Green Manalishi” by Fleetwood Mac (later played by Judas Priest). This song has some of the coolest rhythms and places a strong emphasis on sliding around the fretboard with power chords.

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Tips to Help You Learn The Green Manalishi

1 – I know that most people will get all excited about when learning to play the rhythm portions for this song. As shown in the video above, you should start off by removing any guitar effects and try to play the song “clean”.

Many times, I had seen newer players attempt to cover up their mistakes or inept skills by using effects. However, when you start off clean, you will have the opportunity to realize mistakes and correct improper techniques used. Don’t be delusional that the guitar effects should be used to make up for shortfalls in your techniques.

2 – Playing power chords on the guitar can be done in several ways. For players who are looking for an alternate (and easier) fingering, read our special article on it.

3 – Palm muting is frequently used in metal and rock music. You should experiment with the effect of varying the pressure of your palm on the strings in order to get different tonal sounds. Then, use what works best for your ears.

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